Sip Bowl La Mian

Sip Bowl's first restaurant opened in Lanzhou, China. It currently has 300+ franchise locations in China as well as several international locations in Japan, the Philippines and Australia.


In 2019, it opened its first North American location in Vancouver, B.C. You can find Sip Bowl in the heart of Kerrisdale when you are craving for some comfort food! 



Our concept at Sip Bowl is to provide a true and authentic experience to our customers. From our interior design, open kitchen, and craftsmanship, to our food - everything mimics the time in olden China when hand pulled noodles first started. 

Our goal is to maintain a high level of service and exceptional food quality. With this, we aim to ensure a remarkable experience for each and every one of our customers! 

Store Hours + Contact

Open Monday - Sunday

11:00AM - 9:00PM 

(778) 737-3999

Store Address

2255 W 41st Ave

Vancouver, BC

V6M 4L3

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